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My research interests include social studies of technology; technology use in everyday life (e.g. telecare, internet use); ageing; domestication of technology; tourism anthropology and anthropology of Shetland Islands.

AKTIVE project (2012-2014) AKTIVE (Advancing Knowledge of Telecare for Independence and Vitality in Later Life) is led by professor Sue Yeandle. The project is funded by Technology Strategy Board and the ESCR and includes four partners: CIRCLE at University of Leeds; the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing (Oxford University); Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd; and Inventya Solutions Ltd.

PhD research (2006-2012) My PhD research explored the construction of place as a tourist destination and how this relates to local understandings of that place. The research will pay specific attention on the use of Internet for tourist marketing. The setting of the study is the Shetland Islands.

MSocSc thesis (2005-2006). My masters thesis looked at the Internet use in an island community. The research explored the influences of the local community and the environment to individuals' Internet use. The research setting was Fair Isle in Shetland.

eHat project (2003-2005) eHat (e-Business; Human Aspect to Technology)-research project was run by research professor Tarja Tiainen from University of Tampere. The research focused in the area of South Ostrobothnia in Finland. The main aim of project was to study e-commerce from the consumers' point of view, but the research also looked into local communities and computer and internet use.




Partipant observation in eHat project included working with computer recycling in 2003

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